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Battery Side-Car Cabinets

Cabinet Solutions

Carriers globally are challenged to find ways to harden their sites. Adding additional battery backup runtime is part of the answer. The Battery Side-Car allows carriers to add 2, 4, or up to 8 hours of runtime in the same pad footprint. No lease re-negotiations, it uses existing rectifiers for battery charging and includes remote battery monitoring. 

This easy to install cabinet adds one or two 48 Volt battery strings and up to a 200AH battery. It seamlessly abuts your existing
cabinets and its compact design is less than 12 inches wide. Its lightweight aluminum construction is ideal for rooftop application and easy to install. 

The Battery Side-Car integrated remote battery monitor extends the batteries life and eliminates ongoing maintenance cost. The integrated BatteryInformer battery monitor is smart and alerts you, via contact closure, when the batteries need to be replaced. 

The Battery-SideCar is available with both traditional VRLA batteries as well as high temperature batteries. 

Cabinet solutions can be integrated with the BatteryInformer® providing battery state of health remote monitoring and battery warranty management.

Critical Power Battery Options

High-Rate VRLA Batteries

The HRL series VRLA batteries are perfectly suited to any application that requires a high-rate current over a short period. In particular, HRL batteries are ideal for UPS systems and critical power applications. Due to optimized plate technology and a patented post design the HRL series offer exceptional service life.

Xtreme Life High-Rate VRLA Batteries

The HRXL series VRLA batteries are designed to provide extreme life in conventional temperatures as well as longer life than traditional VRLA batteries in high temperatures. Perfectly suited to any application that requires a high-rate current over a short period, this series combines proven high temperature technology and exceptional service life.

EOS Series 2V Valve Regulated Lead Acid

EOS – Series 2V Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries feature the latest advancement in plate and battery technology offering exceptional service life, low self-discharge, high cycling capabilities and low float charge current characteristics. EOS – Series cell rack modules are available.

HP NESP ISO 0 1Comb.jpg

Li-Ion (LFP) High Rate Systems

The Narada NESP Series (LFP) High Capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed for a wide range of UPS solutions providing a more open operating temperature range, while delivering exceptional warranty, safety, and life.

UPS Battery Cabinets

MPINarada integrated battery cabinet solution offers a turn-key battery and battery cabinet option for UPS battery backup.
Cabinet solutions are available in both size and color to match most UPS system manufacturers.

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