Energy Storage NESP (LFP) Container Solutions

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

NESP (LFP) Rack Solution

The Narada NESP Series LFP High Capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed for a broad range of BESS solutions providing a wide operating temperature range, while delivering exceptional warranty, safety, and life. Whether used in cabinet, container or building applications, NESP Series batteries will meet any ESS need.

Other Energy Storage Options to Consider

NESP (LFP) Container Solutions

The Narada High Temperature Front Access VRLA batteries provide superior battery life in applications with a nominal operating temperature of 35°C.

C&I Outdoor Energy Storage Cabinet​

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NESP (LFP) Outside Accessible Container Solutions

Narada HELiION™ NPFC series 48V LFP battery modules are ideally suited for telecom base station, OSP, and renewable energy applications.

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