OMS® Field Service Software

Get up to:

  • 90% fewer re-visits
  • 20% more work

A Complete Field Service Tool Built for you

Project Managers and Subcontractors get:

Project Dashboards

Site Owner Project Managers get a dashboard to assign and schedule work, track status, and store all site information

Work Templates

Checklists are easily cut & paste from EXCEL or WORD and are pushed to technicians 24x 7x 365

Close-out Reports

Complete data capture of all steps, pictures, and approvals at the site are routed for instant approval cutting admin time to nothing


Cut Down on Wasted Time

Techs check-in, follow checklists, complete tasks and finish close-outs all from phones (offline too)

Techs do more Visits

Subcontractors can schedule more in a day, techs know exactly what to do, revisits are history and paperwork is eliminated

Track Every Asset

Accurate site information is captured and stored which helps with site surveys, reduces orders and assists in planning

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Get instant close-out reports, so techs can roll to the next site.

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OMS Software​

Features include:
$ 35
Per checklist
(with Unique Job ID)
  • Contractor Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Easy Checklist Creation
  • Mobile App
  • Geo-Coded images
  • Image & Document Storage
  • Technician Tracking
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Automated Closeouts
  • Common Platform
  • Real-Time information 24/7

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In a few easy steps I can award service to my subs, they schedule the work and I can track everything happening in real time. It cuts down on everyday confusion.

- Telecommunications Site Owner

I don't know how I lived without OMS before. I've increased tech utilization by 30% and get fast approval for the work we do.

- Chris S, CSS

Benefits of OMS

  • Stay organized- you and your vendors' activities in one place
  • Standardize work templates
  • Cut paperwork with automated close out reports
  • Project managers get reduced trouble calls
  • Reduce friction in back-office approvals
  • Reduce site visit returns
  • Up to 30% more site visits
  • Saves money & time

Software Support

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Contact us today for a free demo and to see the benefits of a simple service delivery tool that anyone can use .