Reserve Power - Telecom
Reserve Power VRLA

Long Duration for Outdoor and Plant Application

Reserve Power VRLA

The Narada Reserve Power of VRLA batteries are well suited to provide battery backup to any application long duration or outside plant application. The Reserve Power GFM /NDx/ FM & TT series batteries are available in top and front terminal designs. All Narada Telecom series batteries use optimized plate technology and a patented post design offering exceptional service life.

Other Reserve Power Battery Options to Consider

Pure Lead Reserve Power Front Terminal

The Narada Telecom Pure Lead range of VRLA batteries are well suited to provide battery backup in outdoor application long duration or outside plant application.

High Op Temp Reserve Power Pure Lead Front Terminal

The Narada High Temperature Front Access VRLA batteries provide superior battery life in applications with a nominal operating temperature of 35°C.


48V Li-Ion LFP 10Ah to 200Ah

Narada HELiION™ NPFC series 48V LFP battery modules are ideally suited for telecom base station, OSP, and renewable energy applications.

2V Reserve Power

EOS – Series 2V Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries feature the latest advancement in plate and battery technology offering exceptional service life, low self-discharge, high cycling capabilities and low float charge current characteristics.

Rack Solutions

At 26" wide, the NTR4X – Series Rack allows for up to 6 Strings (at 48v) in same footprint of any 23" relay rack. Providing up to 1,200 Ah in only 4.3 sq ft. It is the smallest footprint of any NEBS Rated rack in the U.S. Unlike other equipment racks, the NTR4X - Series Rack is completely accessible from the front

Cabinet Solutions

Carriers globally are challenged to find ways to harden their sites. Adding additional battery backup runtime is part of the answer. The Battery Side-Car allows carriers to add 2, 4, or up to 8 hours of runtime in the same pad footprint. No lease re-negotiations, it uses existing rectifiers for battery charging and includes remote battery monitoring

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