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Learn about the different VRLA and Lithium telecom solutions

The Narada Reserve Power Pure Lead range of VRLA batteries are well suited to provide battery backup in outdoor/outside plant application experiencing periodic elevated operating temperatures. All NPL series batteries use CCPP plate technology and patented post design offering exceptional service life.

The Narada Reserve Power and Cyclic Service, High Temperature Front Access VRLA batteries provide superior battery life in applications with a nominal operating temperature of 35°C.or greater. Advanced alloy design, 8 patented processes and designs, advanced case and cover materials, catalyst vent and proprietary acid formulation contribute to the enhanced performance characteristics.

All Narada Reserve Power batteries are NEBS Level 3 Certified Compliant.

The Narada EOS series of 2V cells are provided in NEBS zone 4 compliant modular racks and available from 200Ah to 2000Ah.

Steven Dworkin

Founder and President of MPINarada

Reliable VRLA an Lithium (LFP) Telecom Batteries

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