Reliable Energy Storage Solutions

As a leading battery manufacturer and global supplier, with an established two decades of North American operations and over ten years of world-wide energy storage deployments; we are now focusing on bringing you the most flexible, customized energy storage solutions offered anywhere.

We have both turn-key integrated solutions and the industry innovation and flexibility to offer indoor systems with racks and modules.  Our products range in every size from small scale C&I to large utility solutions.  Our manufacturing is rooted in your needs from yesterday and today, but gearing up to where you are going in the future.

Our service plans are in place and ready for you.  They are built on our relationships, experience, and successes.  They are backed by best-in-class warranties.

Whatever you are seeking for smart grids, microgrids, distributed generation, and renewable energy integration, our specialized Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry is the battery option you should be considering for all of your energy storage needs.

Important notes:


Our solutions passed the UL 9540A test certification at the cell, module, and system level for safe installation of stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).