Energy Storage Batteries: Powering Renewables for a Sustainable Future

As MPINarada continues to power the globe with battery solutions for data centers, colocation facilities, grid-edge, micro-grid, C&I, utility-scale and telecom applications, we are also helping to change the world for the better by supporting more sustainable energy choices. Battery energy storage solutions (BESS) help contribute to multiple renewable energy endeavors such as wind, solar, and other more efficient energy methods that are striving to help care for the planet better than we are today. MPINarada is proud to be a part of this venture by supplying the batteries needed for these important progressions.

Recycling is Not New to MPINarada

Throughout all areas of MPINarada’s product lines, focus on sustainable business practices is always an important consideration, in which recycling plays a big role. Priority is given to selecting the right partners to make sure we are recycling and streamlining the processes with our battery products. Checking an organization’s environmental, social, and governance impacts (ESG) or corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports is an important practice to understand with whom you are doing business with. Lead-acid batteries have been around for over 100 years and have also been 100% recyclable for decades. On the energy storage side, advancements in recycling for current and future needs are still progressing for the bright future of this market. For all the other different battery chemistries, MPINarada makes every effort to make safe and responsible choices with sustainability practices and continues to ensure our products are cared for throughout their lifecycle and that our partners are adhering to all the required standards and guidelines.

A Plan for Recycling the Batteries of Tomorrow

As the energy storage market continues to grow at a swift rate, so will the need for a sound plan for recycling. Being a relatively new market, many of these systems are still in their infancy and the need for decommissioning entire systems is not yet required, but preparation for this process has been underway since the inception of the products and systems. On the energy storage side – MPINarada is working closely with recycling partners to ensure the proper disposition of systems and providing decommissioning strategies for long-term system planning.

The positive impact of the renewable energy systems these batteries support is significant. It is equally important to ensure the vendors chosen are following all the appropriate and applicable standards for care for taking these batteries to recycle when they reach end of life. As the lifecycle of our current energy storage products comes full circle, MPINarada will be ready to follow through and fulfill its commitment. Amid the bright future of this industry, the demand for energy storage systems will continue to increase and so will the need for the right lithium iron phosphate (LFP) recycling technology to support that.

A Bright Future for Energy Storage in Renewables

Today, MPINarada is supporting multiple sustainability-focused projects, including a BESS system for a key micro-grid project that provides a cost-effective solution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and delivers reliable electrical power. Our work with EV charging infrastructure is expected to grow significantly as the demand for charging stations around the world increases. This continued growth, along with wind and solar storage, and micro-grid applications that are doing self-generation will help shape the future of the global power system. As we continue to develop new recycling technologies and support the need and importance of clean energy, our goal is to never lose sight of our focus on safety, performance, and sustainability.

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