Powering the World: A Look at the Batteries of Today and Tomorrow

As the world continues to adapt to the challenges of the past year, decades of experience have helped MPINarada keep ahead of these challenges through smart forecasting and planning. We are committed to providing the broadest and most reliable VRLA and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery solutions for the data center, energy storage, and telecom markets. Over the past year, we are proud to have introduced a variety of products that benefit all corners of the battery market and we continue to look forward to what is next.

Battery Choices Providing Multiple Benefits

To help sustain the growth of the telecom and CATV market, we introduced new CXL4 batteries with thin plate pure lead technology (TPPL). Conceived for the outside plant applications of today, their robust design provides a cost-effective solution with the same form factor to back up networks where needed. Additionally, our 200Ahr and 100Ahr LFP offerings provide different choices to our users to support both telecommunications and CATV networks. Both options create invaluable space with their smaller battery size in the same footprint. The notable developments in technology provide a smaller and more energy-dense product that features an easy installation and weight savings that users can depend on.

Making Safety and Standards a Priority

On top of our new product announcements, MPINarada has achieved UL 1973 compliance and UL9540A Testing Certification for our data center, high-rate NESP lithium battery system. These attainments are essential, as we continue to demonstrate the importance of standards that evaluate the safety of batteries for our industry.

Designing Batteries to meet future needs

For 2022, as we continue to lead the battery market, we are excited to be offering the new MPL-hP High Power Lithium battery, the most energy-dense lithium iron phosphate product available on the market today. The inherent safety aspect of the LFP chemistry provides a smart alternative to other chemistries and with pre-populated shipping, the MPL-hP will save users time and money while preventing project delays. Additionally, its DC-powered battery monitoring system (BMS) is self-powered through the UPS for a less expensive install process and the human management interface (HMI) simplifies system interaction. We are also looking at introducing a new LFP energy storage solution for the Commercial and Industrial Market (C&I) market. Our new outdoor cabinet will be ideal for peak demand management, demand response and resiliency. These benefits will ultimately save users money and help eliminate power outages for critical applications. It’s an exciting time for the battery market and we have a lot more to share in 2022. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting announcement for C&I market and more. as we continue to provide our very best to our industry to help keep us more safe, secure, and connected.


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