5 Facts About Lithium-ion Batteries in Mission Critical Spaces

Fact 1: LFP Lithium Batteries Do Not Catch Fire and are Safe

Not all Lithium batteries are created equal. While other technologies have some safety challenges and made it onto National News, MPINarada’s Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry aka (LFP) or LiFePO4, is safe technology and demonstrates inherent thermal and chemical stability meaning NO Thermal Runaway Risk.

Fact 2: LFP Lithium Batteries are Compatible with Any Existing or New UPS System

Being OEM tested and approved, our Lithium cabinets can work with any modern-day UPS system where the float voltage can be adjusted to 506 or 560 Volts. Depending on which configuration works best for you, we can customize a solution that provides 5 to 30+ minutes of runtime for your system.

Fact 3: LFP Lithium Batteries Do Not Take Extensive Time Or Money to Retrofit New Batteries

Contrary to popular belief, installation is easier than you think. With an integrated DC powered Battery Monitoring System (BMS) there is no external AC power required with our system. In most cases it is as easy as having an electrician set the prepopulated cabinets in place, landing the DC buss cables from the UPS to the new battery cabinets, then we’ll handle the startup and configuration. With our battery cabinets being only 19.7” wide and no spacing requirements as with other technologies, we typically have a 30% to 50% smaller footprint than the existing VRLA batteries.

Fact 4: LFP Lithium Batteries Offer Lower Cost of Ownership

Like most INNOVATIVE technology, years ago, Lithium batteries WERE more expensive. Today, the overall Total Cost of Ownership is less than that of VRLA batteries over a 15 year expected UPS life. With an industry leading 15- year design life and 10-year warranty, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries every 5 years.

Fact 5: LFP Lithium Batteries have Equivalent Lead Time to VRLA Batteries

With stocking facilities in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Canada we strive to accurately forecast our customers demand for our products in efforts to always have availability. In the event we happen to be temporarily out of stock on our Li-ion products, our current lead time is 4-10 weeks.

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