Insider Look at Narada HRXL Series Data Center Batteries

Narada has been in the battery business for over 25 years and has a history of industry knowledge that is unsurpassed in the battery market. With a foundation of expertise to build upon, creating new solutions comes naturally.  Experience also comes into play when realizing the best solutions and new ideas can also come from building upon existing ones.  

The Narada HRL and HTB series batteries each have unique strengths for data centers and reserve power telecom applications.   It only makes sense that the best of their strongest features was recognized as a foundation for creating the new HRXL product series, which is already having a huge impact in the critical power area of the market. 

This current technical paper, “Narada HRXL Series Data Center Battery: An Inside Look at What Makes This VRLA Battery the Most Reliable, Cost-Effective Design Available Today“, takes a deep dive into the technology behind the latest battery innovations to hit the market.  Having the right mix of ingredients for a product application can make all the difference in achieving the end goals of performance, time and money savings, and more. 

Learn all about the benefits a total system solution can offer before you consider your next purchase decision. 

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