Announcing Our New 36VDC LFP Battery for Cable Broadband Networks

Announcing Our New 36VDC LFP Battery for Cable Broadband Networks

MPINarada is pleased to announce the newest addition to the NPFC lithium iron phosphate (LFP) family of CATV batteries. Designed to support expanding broadband networks, this new battery is the solution that is needed to meet the 36VDC power demands of the CATV market.

This latest NPFC lithium technology solution is ideally suited for base stations, outside plant (OSP), and renewable energy applications with a maximum charge voltage of 36VDC. This battery also features an advanced battery monitoring system that monitors the individual voltage, current, and temperature of cells that make up the complete module, for added, built-in protection from a variety of risks including over or low temperature, low and high voltage, short circuit, and more. Its unique weight savings can make a difference in weight-critical applications such as roof-top or pole-mounted.

Product highlights:

  • Ease of installation and system integration with higher connection reliability: a simple battery replacement with only two connection points for a 36VDC string versus multiple VRLA battery connections.
  • Save space and money: Distinctive form factor does not compromise power and permits more space for what matters such as revenue-generating equipment.
  • Preferred technology for safety: The unique MPLhE LFP chemistry makes it suitable for high and low-temperature operation and capable of 1C and higher discharge rates.
  • 48VDC and 58VDC versions also available.
  • Form, fit, and function in most manufacturers CATV/Broadband cabinet designs, retrofits or new build.
  • UL1973, UL1642, and IEC 62619 compliance

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