Easily Replace Your VRLA & Flooded Batteries With MPLhP Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries From MPINarada

It’s easier to replace your existing batteries with MPINarada’s MPLhP batteries because of their advanced system architecture and ease of installation. Some top reasons are:

  • No AC drop required – DC Powered BMS
  • Communication pre-installed
  • No remote monitoring because Modbus is available
  • Cabinets ship pre-populated and are already programmed minimizing connections and assembly time
  • Cabinets have individual control, so there is NO “ALL or NONE” operation for a BMS or module fault
  • HMI contactor control provides user-friendly operation; breaker does not have to be opened for maintenance or taking a cabinet offline

Cost Efficient
These batteries are much more cost efficient because there is less labor time and costs to complete the replacement project. That means less time on generator or unprotected utility power.
The upfront purchase price is equivalent to, or even less than, VRLA with a monitoring system and less than flooded strings.

Sustainable, Green, and Reduce Your Energy Costs
The MPLhP Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are sustainable, green, and reduce your energy costs. The batteries are fully tested, UL Certified Compliant and approved as a standalone unit.
UL9540A Testing showed no thermal runaway and no propagation.
Optimal operating temperatures range up to 35C/94F without reducing operational life or the 10-year warranty.
Operating at a higher temperature and a self-powered management system reduces electrical consumption, your cooling needs and utility costs.

Smaller Footprint
The MPLhP cabinet footprint is one-third the size of flooded systems and almost half the size of equivalent VRLA systems.

Efficient and Longer Cycle Life
The operational efficiency and cycle life improvement is significantly greater than flooded and VRLA batteries.
MPLhP batteries have a greater depth of discharge and cycle 4+ times more than the alternatives. That means they are 4+ times more likely to reach their 20-Year design life.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) Benefits
The TCO and ROI Benefits are the result of an intelligent, thoughtfully designed and proactively planned installation procedure. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper to install and start-up these batteries.
The cost savings from reducing your annual energy spend and operational labor hours as well as the 75% reduction in maintenance costs add up for years to come.
Our 10-Year warranty and 20-Year design life means you can avoid at least 1 and up to 3 battery replacements.

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