Save Money with MPLhP Lithium-ion Batteries

Lower Utility Bills 

With the rising costs of energy, every dollar counts!  MPINarada’s Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (LFP) aka LiFePO4 has a higher operating temperature range allowing you to downsize your CRAC units.  Our Lithium Batteries can be operated in temperatures up to 95 degrees with no reduction in warranty or operational life. Increasing the ambient room temperature by 10-15 degrees can instantly start saving you money on your monthly energy bill.

No Electrical Costs and Reduced Labor Costs

Our MPLhP batteries power themselves.  They are smart and easy to install.  There is no need for an electrical connection of any kind unlike other Lithium Batteries that require a dedicated AC drop and the battery cabinets arrive onsite with modules pre-populated.  That makes our batteries up to four (4) times faster to install and start-up than other batteries.  These very important features add up to substantial savings in labor costs and major reductions in material costs.   

Go GREEN and Improve Safety

The MPLhP batteries and cabinets have an integrated DC powered Battery Management System (BMS).  Just connect it to the UPS and you’re up and running with no additional monitoring costs.  Unlike other Lithium Batteries, our LiFePO4 batteries are recyclable and have the smallest footprint in the industry. 

There is no threat of thermal runaway or thermal propagation due to our LiFePO4 chemistry as confirmed by the 9540a testing report.  They emit 50% less flammable gas than some Lithium Batteries making them significantly safer.

Iron is a green resource compared to other lithium chemistries components that are mined in short supply.  Iron and Phosphorous are readily available with no supply issues.  Iron is also less likely to see price increases due to availability or supply.

Longer Life, Fewer Replacements and Less

Our MPLhP Lithium Batteries cycle up to 4
times more than other Lithium Batteries, meaning they are 4 times more likely
to reach their expected 20-year design life.
You save money by not replacing them every 5 years and with minimal
annual maintenance requirements, the savings add up year after year after

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The overall TCO is significantly less than that of VRLA batteries.  A smaller footprint leaves more room for other equipment.  Add in the smaller utility bills, fewer battery replacements, faster and cheaper installation and operation and you’ll see an average Return on Investment in 5-6 years!  With an industry leading 20-year design life and 10-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries or incurring unexpected down time.

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