Spotlight on MPINarada: A CIO Bulletin’s Top Emerging Company to Watch

Ideally suited for data centers, outside plant (OSP), and renewable energy applications

Rising energy prices coupled with challenging economic conditions continue to encourage the search for cost-effective solutions, such as energy storage systems. Many companies are turning to long-duration storage to help relieve the strain of economic concerns. Recently, MPINarada was noted in the CIO Bulletin list of 30 emerging companies to watch. As established producers of batteries for data center, colocation, edge, battery energy storage solutions, grid, microgrid, C&I, and telecom applications, we are proud to be recognized in this list and look to a continued path of strategic growth.


Building on a History of Growth

MPINarada has demonstrated a strong history of steady growth. After establishing our roots in the telecom industry with VRLA batteries, we naturally progressed to add high-rate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries to our portfolio. With the advancements in battery technology over the past several years, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) became the next clear choice for products to introduce. Finally, our most recent addition would be supporting the emerging growth in the energy storage systems market. As this business continues to evolve, our goal is to continue our path of smart growth and to build on our core strengths as we lead the way with energy storage system solutions.

A Team Built with Decades of Experience

Expertise does not happen overnight. Founder and President Steven Dworkin has over 40 years of experience leading the battery industry alone, and MPINarada prides itself on hiring the top experts in the battery industry who are as passionate and dedicated to serving its customers as he is. The added strength of a localized application engineering team to support this cause sets MPINarada apart from its competition.

MPINarada is constantly striving to develop the next best thing with its innovative ideas. Batteries keep the world running for everything we depend on, such as the internet, banks, hospitals, cell phones, cable TV, and more. If you’d like to learn more about what makes us one of the 30 emerging companies to watch, check out this recent interview with the CIO Bulletin for more information.

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