Managing Supply Chain Challenges: Three Areas of Focus

Recently, MPINarada was asked by EnerG Magazine what the company was doing to help build up the supply chain for the solar-related materials needed to supply products and services and to avoid shortages. From our perspective, in order to help get ahead of these issues in hopes of a rebounding economy this coming year, we are focused on the following three key areas:

1. Significant Warehouse Improvements

Constant analysis of how we can better serve our customers by providing greater flexibility, more efficient operations, and shorter lead times is a top priority for MPINarada. We accomplish this by expanding our current warehouse capabilities and identifying the best opportunities for new locations. Our recent announcement of our new warehouse facility located in the Dallas area will provide multiple benefits that can be passed on to customers, such as decreased transit times and lower freight costs.

2. Continual Logistics Review

Never settling for the status quo and always looking to improve on processes, carrier selection, shipping methods, and more is a best practice approach to help retain supply chain elasticity. Being proactive and exploring different and better options is an ongoing process that helps us continually strive to improve our reach. This planning permits better forecasting, which enables us to take more risks through aggressive lead times.

3. Clear, Consistent Customer Communication

Communication not only keeps customers informed but can also help alleviate potential problems before they arise. Frequent communication through all channels of business and swift addressing of issues can save time and money when handled promptly.

All of these tactics allow us to move better, faster, and more efficiently to better serve our customers as we navigate the supply chain challenges that the world is facing today. To view the full article and responses to the same question from other industry experts, click here.

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