New MPL High-Power Lithium Battery: Small Footprint Presents Big Opportunity 

Ideally suited for data centers, outside plant (OSP), and renewable energy applications

Finding the right solution for your UPS and data center application is imperative to critical power success. With decades of experience in the industry, we know what our batteries need to do to properly support our customers. Our new MPLhP Lithium Battery (LIB) delivers the most energy-dense lithium iron phosphate (LFP) product available on the market today.

Inherent Safety Aspect of LFP Chemistry Provides Smart Alternative to Other Chemistries

This latest addition to the LFP product line not only meets all certifications, including, UL 1964, UL 1973, UL 9540A, and IEC 62619, but it is also IBC Zone 4 IP 1.5 seismic certified, further demonstrating our commitment as a company to quality and safety.

Additional Key Benefits for Additional Distinction

  • A DC-powered battery monitoring system (BMS) self-powered through the UPS, alleviates costs and previous requirements to bring AC power for an easier and less expensive installation process.

  • The human management interface (HMI) helps simplify system interaction and improve user experience, data collection and presentation.

  • Pre-populated modules simplify and reduce installation time and cost.

Optimized Resources Provide Confidence in Supply Chain

MPINarada has adapted to today’s challenges through accurate and improved forecasting that is critical to ensuring strong supply and quality control tactics. Our manufacturing strengths, North American inventory, and experienced team dedicated to all things batteries, sets us apart from others and allows us to deliver success to all our customers.

The new MPLhP High-Power Lithium battery will enable users to save time, money, manpower, alleviate liability and much more. For more information, contact

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