Discover Another Solution for Telecommunications and CATV Networks with the 100Ahr LFP

MPINarada has been manufacturing lithium batteries for telecommunications and other markets for over ten years. While the HELiION (TM) NPFC Series 48VDC batteries set a standard for lithium battery options with their technical quality, the 100Ahr product provides users with a different form factor option. Having more choices to match different applications is just one of the many benefits found with this battery.

A Form Factor That Delivers Valuable Additional Space

The distinctive form factor of the 100Ahr battery provides an increased capacity in a smaller package which frees up additional space. This valuable, added real estate can be used for existing battery rack units to permit room for radios, transport gear, or other revenue-generating equipment.

Easy Installation and Weight Savings: A Winning Combination

With only two connection points for a 48VDC string versus multiple VRLA battery connections, users can save time and effort. With fewer points of failure, this simplified installation process also promises higher connection reliability. In weight-critical applications such as rooftop or pole-mounted sites, the reduced weight from a smaller form factor creates additional value as well.

Designed to Meet the Market Needs of Today

The NPFC line of products offers a wide range of choices from 100-200 Ahrs and features the unique differentiator of quality lithium chemistry for added safety. There are many reasons why customers have learned to trust lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. While more thermally and chemically stable than other types, LFP batteries are suitable for both high and low-temperature operations. Additionally, with no resale market for lithium, combined with its unique appearance, theft deterrence becomes an added benefit.


Batteries continue to power the world, and the demand for these reliable sources grows stronger every day. MPINarada is focused every day on delivering the quality battery choices people can rely on by maintaining quality control over the products that power your networks from start to finish. For more information, contact

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