Vital New Battery Solutions Meets Outdoor Applications

In the world of battery storage, things just got a little brighter, with the addition of an IP65-rated outdoor solution. With so much in the world running on the IoT, there is a driving need for a product that can adapt to older systems, while also addressing the needs of today – and the timing of the new FEN4850 could not be better. 

With all the benefits of lithium plus the added capability of being used outside, this new battery makes a difference for telecom, small cell, DAS, and 5G applications everywhere.

There are multiple advantages an IP65-rated battery can provide, all while delivering significant value to business owners. In situations where systems were initially deployed without a battery backup, the capability of the FEN4850 provides the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to retrofit these smaller networks. Users can pull batteries out of existing cabinets and then mount the new FEN4850 either on the exterior or on a pole adjacent to the equipment cabinet. This can create valuable additional space to make room for more revenue-generating equipment.

Additional top features include:

  • Simple installation with the plug-and-play capability of the battery can save users time and money.

  • Flexibility in configuration permits the expansion of up to four modules for increased capacity.

  • Built-in integrated self-heating feature senses temperature drops and alerts the BMS (battery monitoring system) to trigger the heating element to warm up, which is perfect for colder climates.

  • Longer battery life with unique energy transfer patented technology.

Furthermore, its advanced intelligent lithium battery management technology is self-monitoring as the unit checks for high or low voltage current and adjusts itself accordingly.

With its innovative design and outdoor application use, the FEN4850 is changing the world of batteries both inside and outdoors.


Press Release: NEW IP65 Rated FEN4850 From MPINarada Press Release

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