The New 200Ahr Lithium Iron Phosphate: Big Things Come in Small Form Factors

As a global leader in the battery industry, we are always responsive to the needs of today’s market. Targeted for telecommunications and CATV networks, our new HELiION™ NPFC Series 48VDC 200Ahr lithium batteries notable advancements in technology including, an increased capacity over past products, which provides a smaller and more energy-dense product. The simplistic design also offers a long cycle life, which saves user time by less frequent change outs.

A form factor that creates additional space for what matters

With an increased capacity in a smaller package, the 200Ahr battery frees up existing battery rack units to permit room for radios, transport gear, or other revenue-generating equipment. This additional space created from a smaller battery size in the same footprint, is invaluable and can make a big difference for most applications, providing up to 2000Ahr in less than 55RU of rack space.

Easy Installation and Weight Savings Make a Difference

With only two connection points for a 48VDC string versus multiple VRLA battery connections, users can save time and effort while also ensuring higher connection reliability. Not only is the process less tedious, but the limited number of connection points adds extra assurance for less points of failure. The reduced weight in smaller form factor also comes into play in weight critical applications such as a rooftop or pole-mounted site.

Lithium chemistry: A Unique Differentiator with Added Safety

There are many reasons to have confidence when choosing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. For one, LFP is more thermally and chemically stable than other types, making it suitable for high and low-temperature operations. Additionally, with no resale market for lithium, combined with its unique appearance, theft deterrence becomes an added benefit.

Stable supply translates into comfort

Customers can take comfort in the fact that MPINarada manufactures the complete unit, from the cell level, to the finished product that powers your networks. The quality control over the products we produce from start to finish is unsurpassed and customers have learned to rely on the quality battery they will in turn receive.

The need to power our world will continue to grow and change. MPINarada is at the forefront of this evolving market and is always striving to deliver products customers can have confidence in, such as this higher capacity 200Ahr LFP battery. 

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