Remote Location Reliability with a Backup Power Solution: The IP65 LFP Outdoor Battery

Innovations and advancements in technology are moving faster than ever with so much information available online and at your fingertips. The amount of bandwidth that is required to sustain all of these changes and needs is growing every day.  Developing simultaneously is a more efficient requirement to keep these networks alive and to provide a secure battery back-up solution.  This presents a demand now more than ever for an outdoor rated LFP battery to support the needs of today. 

Compact Outdoor Power:  The IP65 rated LFP battery provides multiple benefits anywhere outdoor power is needed.


An IP65 environmental-rated battery option can provide multiple benefits anywhere backup power is needed.    Not only does the LFP chemistry of this battery solution define it as one of the safest technologies over other battery choices, the application uses are endless.   While primarily used in the telecommunications area, there are other varying opportunities as well that originate with this new product.  


These IP65 products are a key to 5G network build out reliability, CATV and rail applications along with a myriad of other outside plant (OSP) applications.  The ease of installation is discernible whether using on a cabinet or placed on a pole. Unlike bulky, traditional batteries, the lightweight, fully self-contained unit also allows for battery placement off the ground.  This provides the added benefit of creating internal cabinet space without giving up any additional rack space that could be used for something else of value or revenue generating equipment. 


This new product is a game changer for the battery market and is a key problem solver for a variety of applications.  As demand continues to grow for bandwidth throughout the world and in particular in larger metro areas, multiple smaller cell towers are being constructed to accommodate bandwidth. This is just one of many areas where IP65 outdoor rated LFP batteries can play a huge role. 


A secure, quality, battery that can be used outside an existing structure or on a pole has finally been realized. The technology innovation of the IP65 rated sealed lithium battery provides an easy to install, fully self-contained space-saving, outdoor solution that is one of the most significant things to impact the battery market today. 

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