Outlook 2021: Building a Future from a Strong Foundation

Ideally suited for data centers, outside plant (OSP), and renewable energy applications

The start of a new year is a great time to plan and to look for new opportunities and growth. However, as we realize our future potential, thinking about where you came from and celebrating your successes is a great reminder of how you got there.

MPINarada is a Leader in the Battery and Energy Storage Industry

MPINarada is a leader in the battery and energy storage industry with decades of experience. While our initial focus was on the telecom market with VRLA batteries, services, and software, our team continues to build upon these successes. High-rate lithium UPS batteries for critical power together with our already established lines of VRLA batteries have made MPINarada a unique leader in providing choices to the critical power and data center markets.

A more recent foray into energy storage, our emerging business, is exceeding expectations and over time, we ultimately anticipate it to be a large segment of our overall business. Our LFP lithium technology products are a cost-effective solution for energy storage and encompass the same quality of safety, performance, and reliability as found in all MPINarada products.

There are many things that make us unique in the industry. For starters, we are one of the few manufacturers that produce both VRLA and lithium products and are therefore able to provide an unbiased opinion on what is best for a customers’ needs. We are also laser-focused on our three vertical markets alone without having the distraction of other markets. I’m proud of the leadership, engineering talent, professionalism, and customer support our team demonstrates each day as we continue to grow. We value the importance of integrity in all we do and that is reflected in the deep knowledge of our customers and understanding of their needs. All of these things and more make all of us at MPINarada hopeful for a bright 2021. 

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