Batteries are Changing the World

National Battery Day – February 18, 2021

Each year on National Battery Day, we take a moment to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives. While the holiday commemorates the anniversary of Alessandro Volta’s birth, the Italian scientist credited with inventing a first version of an electric battery with the first source of continuous current, many other things also come to mind.

Similar to other industries, battery technology had remained little to unchanged for many years.   It is only more recently, that we have seen a strong movement to introduce new and different chemistries and technologies. As design parameters began to change more rapidly, so did the need for different and more reliable batteries.  Just five to ten years ago, our industry was primarily focused on one technology with VRLA solutions and only several other smaller deployed ones.   Today, with our industry rapidly changing, we are looking at 3-4 technology choices where you are able to right-size each product for a variety of applications.   These are no longer your grandmother’s batteries.  

Today and every day, we recognize the contributions batteries make to our everyday lives.   Our products support cell phones, cable TV, the internet and cloud, banks, hospitals, renewable energy and more.   If you stop and think about it, while not always visible, batteries play a significant role in our lives.  They keep us safe and secure, they keep us connected and they are relied upon in ways you don’t have to think about.    

At MPINarada, every day feels like National Battery Day for us.  We are proud of the role our products play within the telecom, energy storage, and critical power markets.   We are committed to producing the most reliable battery solutions for the market because we realize that people depend on our lithium and VRLA products every day.   We are charged up to keep the world running by changing the world one battery at a time. 

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